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Graduation Translation
Heather on 05/10/09
Zion was awarded the title of "Best Dressed". I have never known a little boy who loves shoes as much as Zion. (Whether he) Whenever he would get a new pair he would ask me five or six times that day whether I liked them. You better watch out Mom and ...
SpongeBob Square Pants
Who says SpongeBob isn't educational!?!
Heather on 01/02/09
Z loves SpongeBob, and I have to admit, I think he's pretty fun too. Sometimes however, I wonder if he's a bit much and we should stick to PBS, and Nick Jr. for more educational television programming.

Over the last few weeks I've determined tha...
Things you might not know about bats
Heather on 09/21/08
According to Z...

When bats are hungry, they eat bugs.
When bats are thirsty, they drink bugs.
That's just what they do...
And when they want a toy to play with and there is a killed bug, they wrap them up and yo-yo them.

Now you...
Going to school!!!
Heather on 06/24/08
Z will start pre-school tomorrow!!! I know, kinda weird starting in the summer and middle of the week. The school that we have been waiting for is finally open and we wanted to make sure he got in to have a spot for the fall.

The facility is ver...
Childhood memories
Heather on 01/09/08
Z and I were snuggled on the couch the other night watching a TiVoed episode of the Martha Stewart show. We were both quite content to watch the nifty crafts she puts together as well as the delicious meal she was preparing on this particular episode.<...
No more Rudolph
Heather on 12/05/07
I have been very excited to record the holiday TV specials and snuggle with the family on the couch to enjoy. Tonight was to be the longtime classic Rudolph.

Wow. How depressing. I remember being upset about it as a child, poor Rudolph, the misf...
"Spectrum" TOSA Gallery Show
Heather on 12/02/07
ZIon has officially entered his first gallery art show. Two of his paintings, "Field of Flowers" and "Pollock 1", will be exhibited. This is not a juried show, however, it will be a very fun experience.

Heather on 11/26/07
My son is a supremely confident child. He goes through life secure in the knowledge that he is interesting, charming and beautiful.
People respond to him in kind.
So his father's son!
Heather on 11/14/07
Tonight we were getting ready to head out for some dinner and Z was on his computer. He kept protesting that he didn't want to go bye-bye. Then we saw why. He was playing a game on his computer. It was from the website and the game was The B...
The Holidays kick off
Heather on 11/10/07
What would the kick off to the holidays be without The Wizard of Oz??

My mother will tell you how she would beg folks not to tell me when the Wizard would be on TV. Somehow, I guess I always found out and watched it every year, even though I kne...
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