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Humpty Dumpty
Heather on 10/05/07
The classic nursery rhyme told by Z.

Humpty Dumpty stood on a wall
and said... woah!

Humpty Dumpty falled off the wall
Humpty Dumpty peed in his pants.
the dot
the dot
Heather on 10/04/07
So, as you may have read from a previous blog post, we picked up a book called "the dot" by Peter H. Reynolds, last week at the library. I absolutely love this book. Its simple illustrations and inspirational story are so wonderful.

Zion and I h...
little girl from 1974 with slurpee
Special ritual
Heather on 10/02/07
When I was little my mother would take me out almost every week to buy a new doll dress and a slurpee. And fresh flowers too occasionally. She tells the story of how sometimes we couldn't go. I would say "Mommy, is your pocket-book broke?" =) I remembe...
I am the mom... not the slave
Heather on 09/26/07
When did I become the slave? Or fetch dog? Zion seems to have gotten this idea recently that mom just does everything... well I do. But I certainly don't appreciate being ordered around... just give the little Master a bell!

This morning I was o...
Harry Potter wins again
Heather on 09/24/07
This morning Zion and I walked downstairs together and he said "I want something to watch... I wanna watch Harry Potter." So I asked "which one." thinking that he really wouldn't know what that meant or what to say. But he fooled me and said "the first...
Voldemort is a bad guy
Heather on 09/23/07
Zion and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (again) over a bowl of (Boulder Popcorn - Ryder's Red) popcorn. He has become quite fond of Potter and I couldn't be happier. Goblet is probably my favorite book and the movies have grown on me as ...
The World According to "Z-bert" by Judy "Gramnie" Brookman
Heather on 08/30/07
On Art:
Z taking his 'Magna Doodle' in hand, "I'm going to make a flower." After working diligently for a few minutes he says, "Gramnie, what's this?" Gramnie answers, "Well, that's a flower." Z laughs real big and says, "N...
Zion's Chalk Guy
Heather on 07/02/07
Zion has learned a few new creative things this past week. He found a harmonica I had put in his toy box a while back after cleaning out a bucket of toys I had been saving. He pulled it right out and started playing it like he had been for years... not...
Z & Monkey
Circle Game
Heather on 06/04/07
The Big Three approaches... only a few weeks away. My, how time flies! These lyrics from the song "Circle Game" keep coming to the forefront of my mind lately...

Take your time, it wont be long now
Till you drag your feet to slow the circ...
Pirate Invitations
Birthday Invites and first Comic Books
Heather on 05/06/07
Zion's Birthday is a few weeks away and we will be in Disney World to celebrate! Our friends Chris and Kelly and their 3 (soon to be 4) year old Davis will be there as well. So, we have planned to explore the parks together and the boys will get to pla...
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