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Zion's first painting
Pollock or Kandinsky?
Heather on 11/08/06
I dunno. But this is the most beautiful painting I've ever laid eyed on! Zion's first painting. =)

Let me take you through the day. Wait, back up. Michael and I have been looking for a day care or preschool to get Zion in. Yesterday we went to l...
Pooh on Halloween
on 10/31/06
Ok, so perhaps it wasn't the fairytale Halloween where small groups of children fill the black paved streets running from house to house declaring "Trick-or-treat". It was fun anyway. =)

My hopes of getting Zion in his Chernabog costume were das...
The power of "wuva"
Heather on 10/24/06
My son just told me that he loved me for the first time... unprompted!!!! He just leaned up against me put his arm around me and said "wuva".


I mean... WOW!!!!! =)

How wonderful is that!?!?

Cloud nine has got nothing fo...
Powder Fresh
on 10/23/06
I awoke this morning to the sounds of Zion in his own bathroom "brushing his teeth". I know this can't be good and most likely he has climbed up on the counter and has water everywhere not to mention toothpaste, bubble bath or lord knows what...
The Pumpkin Patch
on 10/08/06
The temperature dropped into the 50's today and made for the perfect fall weather to go pick pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch! This little farm is about a mile away from our house and has field after field of pumpkins. From the distance it looked ...
Z meets Minnie!
Disney Store Grand Opening
on 10/07/06
The Flatirons mall celebrated the grand opening of their new Disney Store today! Woohoo. The festivities included a ribbon cutting ceremony, giveaways and meet and greets with the Mouses...Mickey and Minnie! We just made it as the ribbon was cut, confe...
And then there was one...
Heather on 09/23/06
One more left, and then we'll have ALL of THEM. As you may know, we started loving CARS long before it hit the theaters in June. We even had Zion's 2nd birthday party in May with the CARS theme. Merchandise had already hit the shelves weeks before the ...
Day out with Thomas
Day out with Thomas
Heather on 09/17/06
What an incredible day! When I tell you that the boy was completely overwhelmed, you really can't imagine! =)

We started off the day having lunch at Kokoro. Z floored us both by picking up his eating utensils and proclaiming "chop-sticks!" =) Of...
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