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Heather on 11/10/07 | Comments (1)
What would the kick off to the holidays be without The Wizard of Oz??

My mother will tell you how she would beg folks not to tell me when the Wizard would be on TV. Somehow, I guess I always found out and watched it every year, even though I knew I would have nightmares about those monkeys... and much to my mother's dismay. It makes for funny stories, and now it's time to start the tradition with my little one.

Last night I sat down to record it on our TiVo for next week, just incase I forgot over the next week, when to my surprise it was starting in 10 minutes!! =) I set the recording anyway so we could skip the commercials and rushed Z off to have a bath.

I made popcorn and the family all snuggled on the couch to watch the show. We premised it with "there is a not-so-nice witch and some freaky monkeys, but it's a great show," Z didn't seem to mind.

The tornado scene caused a little concern and Z was quick to point out that Miss Gulch was bad and that the Scarecrow was good =) Overall it was a hit and even though he fell asleep right as the gang was rescuing Dorothy at the castle he asked to see it "from the beginning" first thing when he woke up this morning.

As we were talking about it this morning I asked him if Scarecrow was his favorite (he is mine) Zion said "no, she is," pointing to Dorothy. Well, duh! She has the sparkly red ruby slippers... of course he likes her best! =)

Remember "Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have!"
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