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Heather on 11/14/07 | Comments (1)
Tonight we were getting ready to head out for some dinner and Z was on his computer. He kept protesting that he didn't want to go bye-bye. Then we saw why. He was playing a game on his computer. It was from the website and the game was The Backyardigans Super Spy.

Playing the game wasn't so amazing, he plays lots of games on his computer. What was pretty amazing was that this is a 3D "in-world" game where you have to navigate your avatar, in this case the character Pablo, around in the world using the arrow keys for the direction you want to go and then various other keys for "making things happen."

He was playing very skillfully like he's been doing this sort of thing forever... well, I guess he actually has. =) The fact remains that a three and a half year old figured out that particular game on his own, we didn't show him how! He is so amazing! M was very proud. Z is SO his father's son when it comes to the computer. A little scary for me at times, but amazing and fun!
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