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Heather on 06/24/08 | Comments (0)
Z will start pre-school tomorrow!!! I know, kinda weird starting in the summer and middle of the week. The school that we have been waiting for is finally open and we wanted to make sure he got in to have a spot for the fall.

The facility is very nice, we really liked the Director and it seems the class and curriculum will be perfect for Z. He was very excited about all the toys, books and activity centers, as well as the outside play ground.

Now I need to go get him a new backpack, a few more school-appropriate clothes and some good things for the lunchbox.

What an exciting time! I should be perfectly fine with seeing him off for school, but I feel the tears coming anyway. It's a milestone after all, and even though I am accustomed to him being gone occasionally during the day, this will be a set, structured, gone 3 days of the week... I can do this!

I am so excited for him. And I am so happy to have such a well-adjusted little guy that wants to go to school! He makes me very proud.

I'll have updates after the first day! Wish him (and me) luck! =)
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