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Blog archives > Who says SpongeBob isn't educational!?!
SpongeBob Square Pants
Heather on 01/02/09 | Comments (1)
Z loves SpongeBob, and I have to admit, I think he's pretty fun too. Sometimes however, I wonder if he's a bit much and we should stick to PBS, and Nick Jr. for more educational television programming.

Over the last few weeks I've determined that SpongeBob can be educational too.

For instance, one night after giving Z a bath, clipping nails, cleaning ears and brushing teeth, Dad makes the comment that all his orifices are clean. To which he immediately replies "What's orifices?" So we proceed to explain that it's your ears, nose and mouth... any place stuff comes out or potentially goes in (stay with me, this isn't gross). =)

He quickly comes back with "SpongeBob has a million of them!"

Sharp as a tack that one!

Then, Z received a set of play food sets for Christmas and I added a set of mini utensils and baking sheet for the felt cookies I made him (which you can see on my blog here). As we were playing with them he said "Wait a minute I need my spatula." I asked him how he knew what that was called and he said "Cause SpongeBob uses one to make crabby-patties!"

Darn that kid! He's so cute. And I guess he can continue to watch SpongeBob for the educational happenstances!
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