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07/05/09 - Sidewalk Chalk
12/28/08 - Christmas 2008
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12/28/08 - Halloween 08
This year was the best Halloween yet! We had 2 pumpkin picking trips and the whole family dressed in theme since Zion proclaimed early on that he wanted to be a Storm Trooper. I made all the costumes and had a ton of fun. Can't wait til next year!
12/28/08 - The Z
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Random pictures from the last several months.
12/28/08 - Denver Art Museum 9/08
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Another trip to the DMA yields some great Indian artwork form the kids. Zion had a blast with his friends Skyler and Nate.
12/26/08 - Disneyland 2008
06/26/08 - First Day of School
What an incredible first day of school! We had everything ready the night before so we were able to get up, get breakfast, get dressed and packed up, no problem.

Once we arrived at school Z was assigned his cubbie to place his backpack and belongings. He went immediately to the computer to play a game and then we went to the classroom where the kids were all together waiting for classes to start.

We went in with him, gave him lots of hugs and kisses and told him to have a good day... Miss Melissa welcomed him and asked what he'd like to start with. He pointed to a row of bins and walked over to get it. The bin he chose was full of various fish and enough water to cover the bottom inch or so of the bin. He went right to work arranging and sorting the fish. We watched through the window for a while and took a few pictures.

I did great, and once we walked out of the building let the tears go. I really thought I was going to make it without losing it, but alas, the emotions won. It wasn't really sad tears... more proud and happy at the passing of another milestone for the wonder known to all as Z.

For his first day of school the Denver Zoo came to visit and brought a snake and a hedgehog for the kids to see. He got to use a magnifying glass, had a musical parade, went on a scavenger hunt, counted to 50 and actually took a nap! The report from the teachers was that he had a great day, was very well behaved and made lots of new friends!

The report from Z was that he had a great day, loves his new school and can't wait to go back!

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06/18/08 - Renaissance Faire 2008
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We were able to attend the opening weekend of the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur again this year. The pirate costume still fit (barely!) I'll have to be on the lookout for new pieces to fashion into a fancier costume... like Unca-Tevo's =)
Monkey made the journey with us as well decked in full pirate regalia. A good time was had by all! HUZZAH!
06/08/08 - Photographer Z
After downloading pictures that have been on his camera for months, we have discovered Z is a pretty darn good photographer!
06/02/08 - Z learns to fish
These photos are a little dated. They were taken by a good friend and photographer in Dallas - Mike Malloy. Just getting around to acquiring the files!
05/30/08 - Random Z
02/08/08 - Christmas 2007
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12/08/07 - Spectrum
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Z's first Art Gallery appearance
11/14/07 - Thanksgiving 2007
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10/31/07 - Trick-or-Treat!
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Halloween was a big hit this year! We went trick-or-treating in Boulder with some friends. The kids had a blast and it was pure joy seeing the big smiles on their faces! It was a story-book-like Halloween. The crisp, chilly night, leaves on the ground and dozens of ghouls and goblins running amuck. The houses were all decorated in their finest Hallow-garb and the echos of "trick-or-treat" filled the air.

Zion seemed to be amazed that at every lighted house was someone to answer the door, ooh-and-ahhh over their costumes AND give them candy. Some let them pick what they wanted and others gave them 2 or 3 pieces!!! WOW! After only two streets the bucket was mostly full and Zion was satisfied with it's weight. I asked if it was heavy and he said "yeah! it is!" So, I said that I guessed it was time to stop... he agreed. =)

He ate a bag of skittles and a sucker on the way home and asked for a "bitty, little drink". Then it was up to the bath to scrub the orange make-up off his face. He proclaimed that halloween was fun and when asked what he wants to be next year he said a kitty... a green kitty... we'll see. For now enjoy the pictures of the cutest pumpkin ever.


10/23/07 - Sooo ready for Halloween!!!
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Z poses for a few photos in costume at the Pumpkin Farm. There are a ton more photos in the archive zip... but it's a big one (17MB). So give it plenty of time to download =) Enjoy!
10/22/07 - Denver Zoo
We got to take advantage of the Denver Zoo Free Day with our friends from the Springs. The zoo is huge and very nice. We spent four hours there and only saw about half of it. Zion had tons of fun and seemed to enjoy the reptiles... I am so proud!
09/30/07 - Pollock Tribute
I have become quite fascinated with the art of Jackson Pollock as of late. I decided it might be fun to do a Pollock-inspired painting with Z. I mean, what could be more fun that tossing paint all over the place (No offense Mr. Pollock - RIP). Z had paint from head to toe and was in need of a good scrubbing immediately after...

Here is the work in progress. He would paint a little, ride his bike, paint a little, ride his bike and paint some more. It took several hours to complete and may take all night to dry! The process was a ton of fun and the finished piece is wonderful. He is so cool, and so much fun! I love to watch him experiment, learn and grow.

He is teaching me as much, if not more than I am teaching him, I am sure.
09/16/07 - Day Out with Thomas 2007
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We ventured to Golden today to the Colorado Railroad Museum for a Day Out with Thomas along with our friends from the Springs. We saw Sir Tophamm Hatt, got temporary tattoos, petted goats and lamas and of course, got a ride on the infamous train, Thomas!
09/15/07 - Day in Denver
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Zion participated in a kids art workshop at TOSA (The Other Side Arts) today in downtown Denver. Then we made a day of it by walking around 16th street mall and enjoying the sights!
09/09/07 - DMNS & Aquarium
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We spent the day with our friends from Colorado Springs, The Muses. We visited the Denver Museum of Natural History and the Denver Aquarium. The kids had a blast as usual. Not sure what was more fun, all the sights of the museum/aquarium or just playing together.
08/26/07 - Denver Museum of Art
1st Saturdays are free days at the Denver Museum of Art. Zion specifically asked to go... so there we went! =)
08/26/07 - Random Z's
Eating out, Yellowstone, Boulder Farmer's Market
08/26/07 - 1st Dentist Visit
Zion did GREAT on his first dentist visit. And received a healthy report on those pearly whites!
07/08/07 - Renaissance Festival
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Dressed in our finest pirate garb, Zion and I attended the Colorado Renaissance Festival today. We had a jolly good time! Be sure to download the entire album for even more Pirate Z!
04/24/07 - Spring visit to Dallas
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We wanted to get our visit in Dallas this spring before it got too hot. I go periodically to visit my office and it's a good chance to visit friends and family. The trips are always fun and crazy. This time Zion and I got to visit the Dallas Zoo! Be sure to download the liked file, there are 24 more pictures to see!
04/06/07 - Another visit to the Natural History Museum
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12/26/06 - Thanksgiving in Big D
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Photos from Dallas at Thanksgiving
Cycle Z
11/15/06 - Dinosaurs & more
Z visits the Natural History Museum
Z gets carried away while flossing
11/13/06 - Random Z
just some fun new pics of the little guy
10/31/06 - Halloween
Zion goes trick-or-treating and has a really good time!
10/29/06 - First Big Snow
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Not the first snow of the season but a doozie! Z got to get out and play in this one!
I'm so cool
10/15/06 - Pumpkin Z
Exploring Eldorado Springs again.
Cheeessseeeee! and Tractors
10/15/06 - Mechanical Rides & More
Z has fun riding the 50¢ 3_wheeler and tractor... and other fun stuff
10/08/06 - The Pumpkin Patch
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Z looking at Minnie
10/07/06 - Disney Store Opening
09/19/06 - Red Rocks Park
A trip to Red Rocks
09/18/06 - Day out with Thomas
Trip to the Colorado Railway Musuem 9/16/2006
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