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06/19/09 - Donut with Dad
05/10/09 - Graduation
Zion Graduates!
01/09/08 - "Tiaaaa!"
Zion's first day of karate. He practices a high kick with a "tiaaa"... their version of "hiyaa!" =) He had a good time and did really well for his first day.
10/22/07 - Cobras are cool
Z and Kalandra watch the cobras for a long time. The dark colored one was very active and gave them a good look close up!
10/15/07 - My name is...
Zion can spell his name - Z - I - a dot - O - N. And he cay say his whole name. Still a little shaky on Sitarzewski, but so close and sooo cute!!!
09/30/07 - Z's Pollock-style painting
Z picks the colors for his painting
08/26/07 - isn't she beautiful?
Playing in the park at the Boulder Farmer's Market we were visited by a little friend...
No More Monkeys...
07/11/07 - No More Monkeys...
Silly Z running around singing "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"
07/05/07 - sk8rb0y
Grandmama and Susie got Z skates... here is his first attempt on them!
07/02/07 - Happy Faces
Zion draws happy (if not smiling) faces =)
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